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Functional Medicine

It is based on the study of the physiological processes that occur in our body, they are part of that branch of medicine that is a link between medicine and complementary medicine.

Its functional unit is the cell and its extracellular matrix, an anatomical-functional structure called connective tissue.

Why precisely the cell and its extracellular environment? Because this biological environment is responsible for maintaining equilibrium, through a complex system called "Basic control system" according to the histologist Prof. Alfred Pischinger.

Thus began a new field of research and interpretation of biological systems known as "Regulatory Functional Medicine".

Thus we enter the field of Preventive Medicine. Functional Medicine has the ability to highlight such disorders and, therefore, to act before the onset of the disease. The models studied by the Functional Medicine are: the edentification of the root cause, rather than the evaluation of the symptoms, and the personalized individuation of the cure, with the intent to develop adequate screening paths, aimed at improving the results. All factors that have contributed to the occurrence of the disease are studied, without neglecting any detail: from genetic factors to nutrition, from mood disorders to lifestyle.